blackmail & exposure game

Many subs come to me seeking blackmail. I enjoy playing the blackmail game. All subs who seek blackmail want to be pushed to their limits, they even fantasize about being ruined. The thrill of playing the blackmail game keeps subs coming back. I am cruel, merciless, sadistic, non remorseful as well as blunt. Subs who play the blackmail game with me know how I am. Most are scared at first but, eventually give in. I know how to manipulate them into doing what I want. Are you brave enough to play with me?

IF you think you are brave enough then let’s play the blackmail game. I want to see how fair you will go. Will you risk it all? The little details of your personal life you share at first will be exciting. At first you will think it is enough but, it will never be enough. You will to go deeper into the blackmail game. Soon you will be addicted to being blackmailed. It all comes with a price to pay.

Below is the Blackmail & Exposure gallery of brave subs who want to be on my website. I have a blackmail contract. Do you think you are brave enough to sign it? I don’t think you are! Prove me wrong. Maybe you just want to be exposed. I love exposing subs too. Most subs are just seeking exposure.