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blackmail, exposure and ruin

The thought of blackmail, exposure and ruin is what you fantasize about. You want a cruel mistress to use all of your personal information against you. The idea of your life being exposed excites you. You want to be used like a toy. You want to keep all your personal information safe but, you want to be exposed. What will you do?

I know exactly what you will do. You have a blackmail fetish. Your fetish is what keeps you coming back for more blackmail, exposure and ruin. Right now, it is all a game for you. Eventually you will go too far. When that happens, you will be completely exposed even possibly ruined. Until this happens you will keep paying.

Yes, you will pay to keep your personal information private for now. Part of blackmail, exposure and ruin is financial domination whether you realize it or not. You are submitting financially to be blackmailed. There are many ways you can begin. Which one will you choose? I like starting on the phone.

I have a blackmail, exposure and ruin nite flirt line. We can begin on the phone talking about your blackmail fetish. Eventually you will want to go deeper into being blackmailed. The temptation will grow stronger. Soon the only thing you will think about is how Goddess Christina will blackmail you. I encourage you to call my line!

I guarantee you will love my voice. Call my blackmail, exposure and ruin line soon! Once you call I know you will be addicted. You might run away but, you will be back. Your addiction to blackmail is strong. Trying to stop will just make your addiction grow stronger. You will become weaker and give in to your addiction.

Don’t fight it! Just give in to blackmail, exposure and ruin.

teamviewer session rinsing and lockdown

I do teamviewer sessions everyday. If you want a session you must book in advance. I do the following type of teamviewer sessions: blackmail (must be willing), computer lockdown and financial domination (rinsing games, rtgame & slow drain).

Before we begin you must be perfectly clear about the type of teamviewer session you want. Whether it is: blackmail, computer lockdown or financial domination rinsing. Once I know what kind of session you want, then I can tell you how much it is to start. I take a beginning deposit for all teamviewer sessions on exceptions!

financial domination

Depending on what type of teamviewer session you want I charge $25 and up to begin. Anytime you stop me or end the session, then decide later you want to start over I charge another $25 or up to begin again. I suggest once we begin, you do not stop what I have started.

Beginning deposit for each teamviewer session: blackmail $25, financial domination $25, computer lockdown $50. All deposits ensure your booking & are not refundable. Later if you have buyers remorse, then you should think before you act. I don’t have remorse for your impulsive actions. The type of payments I accept will be discussed. You can contact me on twitter or by email.