financial domination and humiliation

I like financial domination and humiliating pathetic weak pay piggies. Just like this idiot in the photo below. I played a rinsing game with him. He messages on twitter asking to take it down. I told him it stays on my twitter page. He deserves more humiliation. I am posting for all to see. I am a findom goddess who loves humiliation and I have a sadistic side as well.

financial domination

This tiny dick idiot likes cum on his own face. I think he is in the closet about being a cocksucker. The only thing he is good at is being a pay pig. He likes being used financially. He told me being used only for his money makes his tiny dick hard lol. I am posting his photo to humiliate him more. I am a findom goddess who loves dominating, humiliating and rinsing pigs then hanging them out to dry. Wash, rinse and repeat!

He really does not think I will expose him. Idiots always think I won’t expose them. They have no idea who they’re messing with. I am a sadistic goddess who gains pleasure from pain. Whether it’s mentally or physically it amuses me and satisfies me. Now my question is, do you think you can handle me? I dare you to try LOL! I admit I am mean and cruel when a finsub or slave pisses me off. I recommend staying on my good side.

It’s not hard to stay on my good side. Three simple rules: 1. obey me, 2. worship and give when told 3. pay and spoil me. I DO NOT like time wasters! I will not acknowledge you and I will block you from contacting me. If financial domination is not your fetish I enjoy other fetishes too. Keep in mind all the fetishes I enjoy are of the BDSM style. I am NOT submissive. I am a dominant goddess. Contact me soon!



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