financial slavery

I already have 2 financial slaves who help pay my bills. Why do they do it? One reason, their fetish is financial domination. They love the feeling of being used financially. It gets them off whether it is physically or mentally stimulating. I am still looking for more financial submissive’s who want to become one of my financial slaves. Once you sign my financial slave contract you agree to the contract terms. If for any reason you think you will flake after signing my financial slave contract, stay a financial submissive do not waste my time.

If you are interested in becoming one of my financial slaves, my financial slave contract can be found here: Buy the financial slave contract

The contract cost $15.00. You must have a niteflirt account to purchase the contract. If you do not have a niteflirt account sign-up for one here: 3 Free minutes for new customers. Why do I charge? The reason is simple. If you are truly genuine in becoming my financial slave you will pay the contract fee. If you are uncertain then you will be hesitant in purchasing my financial slave contract. I am only looking for financial submissive’s who are truly into financial domination. I do not expect you to break the bank becoming my financial slave. Most financial submissive’s can afford between $25 to $100 weekly.

Once you sign my financial slave contract your new life begins in financial slavery. Do you think you can handle it? Does it excite you to be used long term? Have you served long term before? If you answered yes to all of these then you are craving to serve again! I also have a adopt/pay a bill form for financial submissive’s who want to pay one of my monthly bills. The form is located here: Pay one of my bills.