first impression always counts with a financial dominant

Yes, I talking about you financial submissive. First impression counts with me. What you do is more important that what you say. You can promise me the world on a golden platter but, if you only say it then it means nothing.

How are you going to stand out from the rest of the financial submissive? Your first impression with the goddess you choose to financial submit to is the most important remember this. What you do is what really counts. Actions speak louder than words.

Why do I like financial domination? I like it because the feeling it gives me mentally. It is a complete power exchange between financial dominant and financial submissive. The sacrifice a financial submissive makes to please a financial dominant makes the financial submissive feel complete.

There is only one thing you should do financial submissive now. Make your first impression count. Send an impressive tribute. You may question what an impressive tribute is. What is an impressive tribute to you financial submissive? I will tell you what an impressive tribute to me is. An impressive tribute is the sacrifice it takes to give.

All financial dominant are different. Some aim for the triple digit tributes some aim for double. I enjoy double-digit tributes this way the financial submissive can keep coming back more than once. Why break the piggy bank when I can have multiple tributes?

The only thing you need to do now is give financial submissive. Send a tribute to make your first impression.



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