objectification and degradation

Objectification and degradation are one of my favorite kinks. I enjoy treating subs like an object I can use. Degrading them, humiliating them and making them feel like there only purpose is an object I can use for my pleasure. I like making subs into my footstools. Using them as a chair or even using a strap-on. Pegging a sub and sexually objectify the sub making it feel used, degraded and even humiliated is a turn on. There are many ways I can make a sub feel used. 

Objectification goes along with verbal humiliation as well. I like telling the sub humiliating things. How I objectify, humiliate and use the sub. Then comes the Physical humiliation. When the objectification begins, the sub will feel physically humiliated as well. I will enjoy every minute of it! Especially when I use a strap-on. My laugh will be an everlasting memory. The sub will never forget it. I will treat the sub like he is my piece of meat.

Objectification and degradation is part of being a sub. Whether they realize it or not they’re being used like objects. Different forms of humiliation make it more interesting. There are so many ways I like objectify a sub. The possibilities are endless. I like making subs into my playthings. I give them a humiliating, degrading and objecting task to do. Why? I enjoy it. The best part is when a sub gets on cam and does it while I watch laughing.

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