serving mistress christina

Ask yourself one question. Can you handle serving Mistress Christina? Maybe you can. I am sadistic, merciless, cruel, dominating the list goes on. I believe in consensual play with a submissive. I have many submissive men who serve me online. I have a few who serve me in real life but, those who are given the opportunity to do so have earned it. I do not allow any submissive to serve me in real life. Many beg, even whine about how they would love to serve me in real life. I just laugh at them.

I do most of my sessions online or through the phone. I enjoy phone domination or some call it phone sex domination. I can see why it could be called phone sex domination. I already know some of the submissive men who call my niteflirt mistress line are seeking self-gratification. Those who usually are seeking to orgasm ask permission first. They already know what is expected of them, I like it when a sub begs. I laugh at them, tease them I even degrade them. Then I allow them to release their useless goo.

All of the subs who serve me find out it can be difficult to please me. I am a strict mistress I DO NOT tolerate disobedience,  not being truthful,  unreliable, selfish subs. I have had a subs flake on me in the past. The first most important thing is, be honest. Yes, honesty goes a long way with me. Many subs do not know how to be honest. This is a deal breaker for me. Tell me exactly how you want to serve me. DO you want to be just a sub? IF so, say it. Being a sub who serves me means: you come serve me, then go on with your life when service is done. YOU are not owned by me.

When a sub who serves me wants to be owned, the sub will be under consideration first unless the sub already served me for a period of one year. Then the sub can transition from being a sub to a slave owned by me. There will be a slave contract the sub signs, I also sign the contract as well. The contract is an understanding/agreement of what is expected. The contract will be for 1 year. After 1 year expires the contract can be renewed or permanently terminated. Keep this in mind, I am very selective about who becomes one of my slaves.

If you think you can handle serving me as a sub let’s begin. Send me a message through my contact form.

blackmail, exposure and ruin

The thought of blackmail, exposure and ruin is what you fantasize about. You want a cruel mistress to use all of your personal information against you. The idea of your life being exposed excites you. You want to be used like a toy. You want to keep all your personal information safe but, you want to be exposed. What will you do?

I know exactly what you will do. You have a blackmail fetish. Your fetish is what keeps you coming back for more blackmail, exposure and ruin. Right now, it is all a game for you. Eventually you will go too far. When that happens, you will be completely exposed even possibly ruined. Until this happens you will keep paying.

Yes, you will pay to keep your personal information private for now. Part of blackmail, exposure and ruin is financial domination whether you realize it or not. You are submitting financially to be blackmailed. There are many ways you can begin. Which one will you choose? I like starting on the phone.

I have a blackmail, exposure and ruin nite flirt line. We can begin on the phone talking about your blackmail fetish. Eventually you will want to go deeper into being blackmailed. The temptation will grow stronger. Soon the only thing you will think about is how Goddess Christina will blackmail you. I encourage you to call my line!

I guarantee you will love my voice. Call my blackmail, exposure and ruin line soon! Once you call I know you will be addicted. You might run away but, you will be back. Your addiction to blackmail is strong. Trying to stop will just make your addiction grow stronger. You will become weaker and give in to your addiction.

Don’t fight it! Just give in to blackmail, exposure and ruin.