serving mistress christina

Ask yourself one question. Can you handle serving Mistress Christina? Maybe you can. I am sadistic, merciless, cruel, dominating the list goes on. I believe in consensual play with a submissive. I have many submissive men who serve me online. I have a few who serve me in real life but, those who are given the opportunity to do so have earned it. I do not allow any submissive to serve me in real life. Many beg, even whine about how they would love to serve me in real life. I just laugh at them.

I do most of my sessions online or through the phone. I enjoy phone domination or some call it phone sex domination. I can see why it could be called phone sex domination. I already know some of the submissive men who call my niteflirt mistress line are seeking self-gratification. Those who usually are seeking to orgasm ask permission first. They already know what is expected of them, I like it when a sub begs. I laugh at them, tease them I even degrade them. Then I allow them to release their useless goo.

All of the subs who serve me find out it can be difficult to please me. I am a strict mistress I DO NOT tolerate disobedience,  not being truthful,  unreliable, selfish subs. I have had a subs flake on me in the past. The first most important thing is, be honest. Yes, honesty goes a long way with me. Many subs do not know how to be honest. This is a deal breaker for me. Tell me exactly how you want to serve me. DO you want to be just a sub? IF so, say it. Being a sub who serves me means: you come serve me, then go on with your life when service is done. YOU are not owned by me.

When a sub who serves me wants to be owned, the sub will be under consideration first unless the sub already served me for a period of one year. Then the sub can transition from being a sub to a slave owned by me. There will be a slave contract the sub signs, I also sign the contract as well. The contract is an understanding/agreement of what is expected. The contract will be for 1 year. After 1 year expires the contract can be renewed or permanently terminated. Keep this in mind, I am very selective about who becomes one of my slaves.

If you think you can handle serving me as a sub let’s begin. Send me a message through my contact form.

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