slave contracts

The slave contracts I create are “as is”. This means I will not edit the contract just because you demand it or feel entitled to it. I can add extra clauses to the contract depending on what contract the slave will sign. This means, for example, slave duties/agreement or slave tasks. NO, I will not give you an example of a slave duty or task. You are forgetting you are playing by my rules. I am the dominant, you are the submissive. It is not the other way around.

I will not give a slave a task that is considered a hard limit for the slave. Anything that is not a hard limit, may be assigned as a task for my amusement. I have three slave contract, they are as follows: blackmail, financial slavery, and slave. Choose carefully which one you want to consider viewing, as well as signing. My contract are not for view on my website at this time. To view one of my contracts send me a message through my website.

Keep in mind you will be required to pay for the privilege to be owned by me. If you are against contributing to me financially then I am not the domme for you. I dislike subs who are only out to use women without giving anything in return.