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cock and ball torture for losers

A Small penis loser deserves cock and ball torture. There is no touching loser. You will be tied up cock and balls fully exposed for torture. When I am done, your loser parts will be red a swollen. Whipping is part of the torture I have planned for you. Eventually castration will happen, because you desire it. You will have no balls as a result.

YOU are a loser with a small dick therefore you deserve humiliation. I use multiple toys for cock and ball torture. I even enjoy using electro shock. Just think about how it will feel. It maybe one of the ultimate tortures for you.  I do online and real-time sessions. You must live close for real-time sessions.

I do mild or extreme cock and ball torture. I prefer extreme, I am sadistic and I gain pleasure from giving pain. The more pain inflicted, the more I enjoy it.  I love pushing a slaves limits. I can be very persuasive, controlling the outcome. A Small dick deserves humiliation on many levels. Cock and ball torture is just one form of humiliation.

I do trampling fetish also. Maybe it will become a favorite for you. I use different types of shoes to trample your cock and balls. Trampling can be added to cock and ball torture. I charge for online and real-time sessions. My time is not free. I charge $25 – $50 per online session via Skype. A Real time session starts at $100. I accept multiple payment options. The next thing you will do is contact me a setup a session.

Twitter: xmschristinax

Email: xmschristinax (at) gmail.com