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cock and ball torture for losers

A Small penis loser deserves cock and ball torture. There is no touching loser. You will be tied up cock and balls fully exposed for torture. When I am done, your loser parts will be red a swollen. Whipping is part of the torture I have planned for you. Eventually castration will happen, because you desire it. You will have no balls as a result.

YOU are a loser with a small dick therefore you deserve humiliation. I use multiple toys for cock and ball torture. I even enjoy using electro shock. Just think about how it will feel. It maybe one of the ultimate tortures for you.  I do online and real-time sessions. You must live close for real-time sessions.

I do mild or extreme cock and ball torture. I prefer extreme, I am sadistic and I gain pleasure from giving pain. The more pain inflicted, the more I enjoy it.  I love pushing a slaves limits. I can be very persuasive, controlling the outcome. A Small dick deserves humiliation on many levels. Cock and ball torture is just one form of humiliation.

I do trampling fetish also. Maybe it will become a favorite for you. I use different types of shoes to trample your cock and balls. Trampling can be added to cock and ball torture. I charge for online and real-time sessions. My time is not free. I charge $25 – $50 per online session via Skype. A Real time session starts at $100. I accept multiple payment options. The next thing you will do is contact me a setup a session.

Twitter: xmschristinax

Email: xmschristinax (at) gmail.com



findom mistress and her paypig

I know a paypig  sissy who loves to play retweet games. He enjoys being used, humiliated and rinsed. Over the weekend we played 5 games together. I washed, rinsed him and repeated. Each time he plays with me he becomes more addicted. Little sissy tells me I am a mean findom mistress. I  just laugh at him. I am the queen of mean! All of my subs tell me I am cruel and they have never met a mistress so mean.

financial domination

I am the real deal. I don’t care it’s all about what I want. My subs already know what is expected of them. I can be hard to handle LOL! I don’t care how much a sub begs there is no compromise. True subs know their place when approaching a findom mistress.

You approach me wrong, you are not a true sub. I will ignore you. Paypig sissy who likes playing rinsing games knows how to approach me. He knows his place. His place is below me with his wallet open. He likes when I use and humiliate him. Right now, paypig sissy is hanging to dry. Soon he be back for more wallet rising.

sissy humiliation

I am always looking for new paypig subs to play games with. If you think you can handle me, I dare you to try. Let fear stop you submissive little piggy! Remember, even though I love finsubs, I consider all kinds of subs. To be considered as one of my subs you must tribute me first. Then the consideration will begin. You must be able to obey and meet my needs. If you cannot, you will be dismissed.

Consideration is your chance to shine as a sub. Do not waste your chance. There are no second chances with me. I also have a sub application. I will become your new findom mistress addiction

Mistress Christina

@xmschristinax on Twitter