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you crave sissification training sissy

All guys start out, in utero, as females. Many of you want to become a little sissy girl again! Your small penis proves you should have stayed a girl. This is why you crave sissification trainingYou want to be guided in the right direction to become a good sissy. All sissies should go through a course of sissification training. Manners are very important. You must always address your superior correctly.

Deep inside you have always felt like a girl. It began at an early age. This is why you would play in your moms clothes as a child. Then as time when on, the urge become stronger. You longed to become a sissy girl all the time. You dress in women’s clothing every chance you get. You would love to embrace the real you, the sissy girl deep down inside waiting to come out.

Your dream is to become 100% Femme sissy. Sissification training is what you need sissy. You have no idea where to begin. It’s time to be guided into the right direction. Mistress Christina will help you. Let’s begin sissy, contract me here.



cock and ball torture for losers

A Small penis loser deserves cock and ball torture. There is no touching loser. You will be tied up cock and balls fully exposed for torture. When I am done, your loser parts will be red a swollen. Whipping is part of the torture I have planned for you. Eventually castration will happen, because you desire it. You will have no balls as a result.

YOU are a loser with a small dick therefore you deserve humiliation. I use multiple toys for cock and ball torture. I even enjoy using electro shock. Just think about how it will feel. It maybe one of the ultimate tortures for you.  I do online and real-time sessions. You must live close for real-time sessions.

I do mild or extreme cock and ball torture. I prefer extreme, I am sadistic and I gain pleasure from giving pain. The more pain inflicted, the more I enjoy it.  I love pushing a slaves limits. I can be very persuasive, controlling the outcome. A Small dick deserves humiliation on many levels. Cock and ball torture is just one form of humiliation.

I do trampling fetish also. Maybe it will become a favorite for you. I use different types of shoes to trample your cock and balls. Trampling can be added to cock and ball torture. I charge for online and real-time sessions. My time is not free. I charge $25 – $50 per online session via Skype. A Real time session starts at $100. I accept multiple payment options. The next thing you will do is contact me a setup a session.

Twitter: xmschristinax

Email: xmschristinax (at) gmail.com