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you crave sissification training sissy

All guys start out, in utero, as females. Many of you want to become a little sissy girl again! Your small penis proves you should have stayed a girl. This is why you crave sissification trainingYou want to be guided in the right direction to become a good sissy. All sissies should go through a course of sissification training. Manners are very important. You must always address your superior correctly.

Deep inside you have always felt like a girl. It began at an early age. This is why you would play in your moms clothes as a child. Then as time when on, the urge become stronger. You longed to become a sissy girl all the time. You dress in women’s clothing every chance you get. You would love to embrace the real you, the sissy girl deep down inside waiting to come out.

Your dream is to become 100% Femme sissy. Sissification training is what you need sissy. You have no idea where to begin. It’s time to be guided into the right direction. Mistress Christina will help you. Let’s begin sissy, contract me here.



small penis humiliation

You say you have a little dick? You say your dick is so little it never gets hard? Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex is in the cards for you limp dick looser! Are you really crying? I can’t believe you didn’t know you had such a little dick! Your pathetic self didn’t look in a mirror? You never watched a porno? Did you see there massive cocks? I know you have wishing you had a big 10 inches even 5 inches.

Here you are 2 inches long and can’t even get hard, You Poor little pathetic thing. And here I am calling all my friends to let them know, how pathetic you are so they won’t try to pick them up, Hell, I might even invite them over. To laugh at you while I make you, dance around showing it off like you got something to show off.  Fact of the matter is you don’t, you might as well have a little pussy there and be a woman. Be a little girl, so at least you can satisfy cocks. You can’t satisfy anything at all right now, with you little two-inch cock.

Wait, It’s not even a cock it’s a tiny clit lol. I love that I will make you my little girl so you feel like your worth at least a little bit. Maybe I want to invite a few guy friends over to see what they have that you don’t. EVERYONE is going to laugh at you. I bet your nervous, don’t be I will be there laughing with them so you have a little bit of comfort.

So what are you waiting for? I love little cock losers. The kind where I know they have a little cock. But can’t take it for what its worth. NOTHING! Do you think you can handle my small penis humiliation?

Mistress Christina