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objectification and degradation

Objectification and degradation is one of my favorite kinks. I enjoy treating subs like an object I can use. Degrading them, humiliating them and making them feel like there only purpose is to be an object I can use for my pleasure. I like making subs into my foot stools. Using them as a chair or even using a strap on. Pegging a sub and sexually objectify the sub making it feel used, degraded and even humiliated is a turn on. There are many ways I can make a sub feel used. 

Objectification goes along with verbal humiliation as well. I like telling the sub humiliating things. How the sub will be objectified, humiliated and used by me. Then comes the Physical humiliation. When the objectification begins, the sub will feel physically humiliated as well. I will enjoy every minute of it! Especially when I use a strap on. My laughter will be an everlasting memory. The sub will never forget it. I will treat the sub like he is my piece of meat.

Objectification and degradation is part of being a sub. Whether they realize it or not they’re being used like objects. Different forms of humiliation makes it more interesting. There are so many ways a sub can be objectified. The possibilities are endless. I like making subs into my play things. I give them a humiliating, degrading and objecting task to do. Why? I enjoy it. The best part is when a sub gets on cam and does it while I watch laughing.

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